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We have had many requests to re-publish our archive of Envirograf® Fire Protection and Fire Prevention Newsletters, so we have made up PDF files containing these, which you can access by clicking on the images shown below. Each file opens in a new window and has a set of bookmarks to facilitate easy navigation of the articles. Please note that some details of the products included in these archives have been updated or superseded since the original publication was released, so you should check both the PRODUCTS and LITERATURE sections of the main ENVIROGRAF.COM web site for newer details.

Intumescent Systems Ltd is the manufacturer of ENVIROGRAF® fire protection and fire prevention products (www.envirograf.com), a wide range of fire protection and fire prevention products based around intumescent materials and fire barriers, and collectively known as passive fire protection. Fire protection and fire prevention products from Intumescent Systems Ltd protect structural openings where services pass through building elements such as fire-rated ceilings, floors, and walls, to maintain their integrity. These intumescent systems of passive fire protection and fire prevention products are installed and remain passive until they are required to do their fire prevention job.

Passive fire protection and fire prevention is the first line of defence in a fire, and it works by reacting to fire without human intervention, sealing openings to contain fire in a building by means of compartmentation, by retarding the passage of flames across a surface, and by resisting the penetration of fire into structural elements such as doors. This not only limits the damage to property, it gives time for people to be evacuated safely from the building and allows fire fighters to get to the scene. You can get a visual introduction to passive fire protection and fire prevention by viewing the videos at www.envirograf.tv and the products at www.envirograf.com.

Fire stopping products can be physical barriers such as fire barrier curtains or intumescent products that react when heat is applied in a fire. These passive fire prevention products do not require human intervention in order to perform their valuable duty. Another type of passive fire protection is the flame retardant product which, as its name suggests, retards the spread of flames across a surface. These flame retardants can be in the form of coatings and paints for hard surfaces, or aerosol sprays for soft surfaces such as cloth and similar materials such as artificial flowers and foliage.

Throughout the extensive range of passive fire protection and fire prevention products manufactured under the ENVIROGRAF® brand name, you will find a solution to your fire protection and fire prevention problem. Intumescent Systems Ltd works closely with you to determine the correct fire protection and fire prevention product for your requirements. Our international network of technical contacts is your first port of call for fire protection and fire prevention products. Your initial enquiry will be directed to the nearest ENVIROGRAF® Products contact for personal assistance by telephone, fax, or email.  Intumescent Systems Ltd has developed the ENVIROGRAF® product range over many years and is certain to have a fire protection and fire prevention product that’s right for you. Contact our technical advisors without delay for friendly, informed, professional help in your specification and acquisition tasks. Visit www.envirograf.com today.

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